Community guidelines

As a registered user you can use the Scottish Rural Network to share your news, views and information by adding content to our website.

Registered users can add the following types of content to our website:

  • News stories
  • Events information
  • Blogs
  • Cooperation offers for project ideas
  • Contact cards
  • Comments

We ask that all users read and follow these Community Guidelines when contributing to the website:

  • The Scottish Rural Network aims to support and promote rural development – so content added to the website should be relevant to rural Scotland, or have a rural dimension

  • Please do not use the website to sell services or products – content which includes advertising or ‘hard sell’ will be removed, or not published, on the website

  • Please do not post job adverts. If you are recruiting please email details of the vacancies and links to more information to for our monthly Rural Jobs Round Up feature

  • Spam will be removed. If you come across anything you think is spam please email us at so we can remove this as soon as possible

  • Please respect others and their views – abusive, intimidating or offensive language is not acceptable

  • Do not post any third-party material that infringes any legal rights, such as copyright

  • Shorter news articles work better on the web – please try to keep your new stories under 500 words if you can and not more than 750 words

  • We may edit your content before publishing

If you come across any content that you think violates these Community Guidelines please email as soon as possible so we can look into it and remove if necessary.

If you come across any technical issues when adding content to the website, please email to let us know.


Comments added to this website will be post-moderated by the Scottish Rural Network Support Unit. This means that comments will appear almost straight away and we will review comments as soon as we can. We will remove comments that violate our Community Guidelines.

News stories, events, project cooperation offers and other content added to the website by users will be pre-moderated, which means it will be checked by a member of the Scottish Rural Network Support Unit before appearing on the website. We aim to publish content as soon as possible after it has been added. We will not publish posts that do not adhere to our Community Guidelines.

We reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines.