New Farmers Resource Management guide

front cover of farmer resource management guide
Norette Ferns

The University of Aberdeen have published a new A6 pocket guide to farmer safety critical non-technical skills.

Non-Technical Skills (NTS) are the social (teamwork, communication, leadership) and cognitive (situation awareness, decision-making, task management) skills that, in conjunction with technical and procedural knowledge can help farmers to work safely and effectively. 

The aims of the booklet are:

  • ​to share the results of five years worth of research conducted with farmers for farmers
  • to provide practical tips, based on farm research, on how to implement non-technical skills on the farm
  • farmers can personalise the guide by adding notes and adapting the practical suggestions to fit their own ways of working
  • by supporting non-technical skills use, in addition to current technical training, on farms they hope to make farmers safer

Download the Guide to Farmer Resource Management: Safety Critical Skills 

The University of Aberdeen for Non-Technical Skills (NTS) in Agriculture website aims to define NTS within agriculture, highlight the importance of those skills, discuss research findings and provide free educational materials.