Scottish Islands Federation call for Directors

Norette Ferns

The Scottish Islands Federation (SIF) is seeking new members for its board.

The Scottish Islands Federation was set up in 2007 to assist island organisations to express their points of views, share their experiences and stories and make better representations at local, regional, national and European level on all issues affecting the sustainability of Scottish islands.

The SIF has been awarded a substantial increase in its funding from the Scottish Government for 2019-20 to help with the delivery of the Islands Plan, to provide improved links between policy makers and islanders and to share and disseminate information and good practice to promote the interests of islanders. 

SIF's aim has always been to have at least one director from each island council area. 

Directors are elected at the AGM each year and should be nominated by a community member group. This year the event will be held on 3 October 2019 in Grimsay.

Individuals who have special areas of expertise or interest are particularly welcome.

The board meetings are held remotely by Zoom and happen every three to four weeks. Times are chosen to suit the availability of the majority. Your involvement can be as much as you can spare. All they ask is for enthusiasm, a willingness to promote island issues and to work together.

You can contact SIF at if you would like to know more about what’s involved or join them at the gathering in Grimsay in October.

Visit the Scottish Islands Federation website for more information.