Can Do Places

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Can Do Places
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Enhancing the rural economy
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Summary of Project

Ian Scott of Can Do places would be interested to hear from LEADER areas wishing to develop a cooperation project.

Can Do Places have identified "Community Super Heroes vs The Blight of Empty Buildings” as their theme for activity 2018-19.

Can Do Places is supported by Scottish Government to assist and enable community groups in their challenge to breathe new life into empty or stalled buildings for the benefit of the local economy.

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The outcome is that the community groups create, own and run Can Do Spaces which are collaborative spaces where people can start a business, grow a business or simply put a toe in the water.

The group thereby gains an ongoing income, strengthens the local economy by creating new businesses worth £2.5 million to the local area and provides a real breakthrough in inclusive growth.

Can Do Places existing groups have comprised some from LEADER areas and we noted the potential- from their comments- for a collaborative approach involving other areas.

They also note that a shared approach would go a long way to reducing and eliminating the many obstacles groups face.

The results would be more happening faster and easier.

After four years they now have great learning and a great model.

At this stage Can Do Places are keen to hear from interested parties.

They would then convene a meeting swiftly to see if there is an appetite for such a collaborative approach.

What we are looking for in partners

LEADER areas