SEDA Land Carbon Finance 2: Getting the Balance Right

Nature markets are here to stay, whether we like it or not. Contrary to much current opinion, such markets, which include carbon markets, biodiversity markets, and other emerging ecosystem markets, don’t have to be negative. With the right checks and balances they can open up opportunities for communities who may feel threatened by them. This is something SEDA Land will be exploring in two events: Carbon Finance – COMMUNITY BENEFITS and GETTING THE BALANCE RIGHT.

An independent analysis of the responses to the consultation on proposals for a new Agriculture Bill, “Delivering our Vision for Scottish Agriculture. Proposals for a new Agriculture Bill”, which was open from 29 August until 5 December 2022 have been published. 

Over £3 million has been distributed to nature projects across Scotland to help them scale up their conservation work and ensure the benefits are shared with local communities.

An initiative to position Scotland as a European hub for the recycling and repurposing of wind turbine blades is included in a deal agreed by the Scottish Government and industry.

The commitment to establish at least one specialist facility by 2030 forms part of the Onshore Wind Sector Deal signed today at the Scottish Renewables Onshore Wind Conference in Edinburgh.

The Deal lays out how the Government and industry will work together to harness the full potential of onshore wind to benefit communities, boost the economy and reduce carbon emissions.

Biomass Connect Demo – SRUC Ayrshire – Biomass in a Northern Climate

The event will focus on showcasing a range of biomass crops and discussions on the agronomy, economics, and environmental impacts of different biomass crops. There will be a guided crop tour to view various biomass crops planted at the Biomass Connect Hub site, Auchincruive estate.

All are welcome – please register to book a place. 


09.30 Convene, tea & coffee

National Islands Plan Review – consultation events

Scotland’s first ever National Islands Plan was published in 2019 and it is now being reviewed. This review may lead to the publication of a new National Islands Plan.

The Scottish Government wants to hear from island communities and relevant sectors and partners to ensure this process is as thorough and effective as possible, providing us with vital feedback from those most impacted by the National Islands Plan.

Scotland’s first ever National Islands Plan (NIP) was published in 2019 and it is now going through its first review.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority is leading on the reintroduction proposals and is urging anyone with an interest to go online and complete this survey before the closure of the formal engagement process on 25 September.

Targets for nature recovery could be put into law in line with those for climate change, as part of a range of proposals to protect and restore Scotland’s natural environment.

The Scottish Government is asking for views on its plans and actions to accelerate nature restoration and regeneration. The consultation sets out the key elements of Scotland’s overall Biodiversity Framework, including: