Crowdfund Scotland | How to use rewards for your Crowdfunder

Wednesday 22 July 2020 - 11:00

Online event

Crowdfund Scotland

Crowdfund Scotland in association with LEADER are pleased to announce a six week in depth programme to take project owners and potential project owners through the details of how to run a successful campaign.

This innovative course consists of a series of four online workshops which will run once a week for 30 minutes, each covering one of four key ‘how to’ topics. At the end of the workshop series, attendees will be invited to join the two week long Crowdfund Scotland Accelerator Programme which will be run on Facebook. Accelerator group members will get to know other project owners, work together to share ideas, and provide mutual support and inspiration as well as benefiting from daily pieces of expert advice and information from the Crowdfund Scotland coaching team.  

Crowdfund Scotland How to: Use Rewards For Your Crowdfunder

  • The benefits of adding rewards to your project
  • Different types of rewards 
  • Making rewards appealing to your Crowd
  • Deciding on how many rewards you need