Finnish LAG seeks partners for multiple projects

Name of organisation/business: 
LAG Aisapari
Scottish Rural Development Programme priority: 
Supporting rural communities
Mervi Niemi-Huhdanpää Tel: +35 850 0765871 Email:

Summary of Project

The Finnish LAG Aisapari is looking for cooperation partners across several projects.

Aisapari is situated in western Finland and it has been implementing the LEADER-programme since 1999.  The current strategical points are 1) the vitality of the area, 2) strengthening local communities and identity and 3) nature and natural resources as the producers of pure foods, energy and the living environment.

More information

Aisapari is looking for partners for the following projects. The project proposals are also published in the ENRD partner search pages. Please click the link to get more information.

Twinning Villages - sharing best practices and learning
Aisapari has many active rural villages in its’s area. The goal of twinning villages is to provide easy access to transnational connections to rural inhabitants. We seek rural villages which wish to change good practices and share knowledge about village development and activities, such as community building, event organising, local service production. The goal is to create self-sustaining transnational network between participating villages.  From Aisapari area 3-5 villages will be committed to this project.

European entrepreneurship culture, documenting regional and cross-border cultural heritage 
The area of Aisapari is well known of its strong entrepreneurship culture which dates 100 years back. The purpose is to collect the stories and memories of the owners and workers. Aisapari and museum of the town of Lapua are seeking partners for a project to collect and develop collecting methods for entrepreneur history of the region. The preferred partner should also have 150-100 years old entrepreneurship or industrial culture.

Rural working hub: creating communal working spaces for single entrepreneurs and telecommuters  
The way of working is in transition also in rural areas. LAG Aisapari and local business service agency are seeking partners for project to create working hubs for single entrepreneurs and telecommuters. The project whish change good practice and knowledge how to create an attractive and functional working hub and develop cooperation for a future cooperation.

Heavy Rural – Rocking the rural development  

LAG Aisapari has in its region a rural municipality which has profiled with heavy rock music. In Lappajärvi municipality Crater Rock event takes place every summer. In the project we would like to explore how rural development  and people devoted this music genre could support each other’s in order to strengthen the attractivity rural communities and  music events.

What we are looking for in partners

Local Action Groups.