Flexible funding during a crisis: learning lessons for the future

Flexible funding during a crisis: learning lessons for the future

Tuesday 20 April 2021 - 14:00 to 15:00

Zoom webinar


Join SCVO plus leaders from Scottish funding organisations in an interactive discussion to create food for thought on good funding practices.

The coronavirus pandemic demonstrated how quickly funders and funding can be adapted when a crisis arises. At this event SCVO will be joined by leaders from Scottish funding organisations to reflect on funding practices over the past twelve months and have interactive discussions on what has worked well, what could be better and what can we leave behind.

All voluntary organisations are invited to join us to share their experiences and help shape more flexible and effective funding relationships in the future.

This one-hour online event will enable discussion between funders and community and voluntary sector organisations about what the future of funding in Scotland could look like.

How important is unrestricted funding? How important is project funding?

Organisations will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from three Scottish funding organisations about their learning and development over the past year, and how this has influenced their future plans.

SCVO will then host a discussion focussing on funding practice which has enabled communities and organisations to operate effectively and meet the needs of their beneficiaries. We will explore what funders could do more of, differently or leave behind to enable lasting and meaningful change across Scotland’s communities.

SCVO will use key learning and information from this event as a mandate from the sector to inform its agenda of work with funders in Scotland over the coming twelve months.

This webinar is aimed at all who work in the voluntary sector, but particularly funding organisations.