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Traditionally Fife’s rural area covered the north east of the county from the picturesque East Neuk fishing villages round to the extensive farmland of the Howe and reaching back down to the river Forth through the West Fife Villages area.

For the 2014 - 2020 LEADER Programme this eligible area is extended to include additional coastal settlements due to their historical association with the fishing industry and their inclusion in the new Forth Fisheries Programme. The area to the north east of the West Fife Villages will also be included as these villages share a legacy from the coal mining industry which is typical of the west Fife rural area.

Aims and objectives

The aim of Fife LEADER is "to enhance the quality of life in rural Fife and make a positive contribution towards creating a more accessible, collaborative, inclusive and sustainable local economy".

The key objectives are: 

  • Enhancing provision of, and access to, high quality services
  • Improving collaborative activities, between both businesses and communities
  • Enabling communities to develop their capacity to actively address local needs and aspirations
  • Increasing the potential of local products as well as cultural, natural, heritage and environmental assets to contribute to a sustainable economy

Fife LEADER will support community, farm diversification and business development activities which support these objectives and are within the Fife rural area.

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