Lanarkshire LEADER

New Lanark with river in foreground, courtesy of James Denham on Flickr Creative Commons

The area proposed for the new Lanarkshire LAG now includes a small area of rural North Lanarkshire and almost all of the previous South Lanarkshire LAG area. It is characterised by a dispersed settlement pattern of small villages with populations below 3,000. Historically, the villages were dependent on agriculture, coal mining (which has been adversely affected by recent changes to the coal industry) and in quarrying and the production of aggregate material.

Within South Lanarkshire the four larger market towns of Lanark, Biggar, Strathaven and Carluke are included as they are integral to the area and service their surrounding rural communities, associated neighbouring villages and farms. The new area included in the Lanarkshire LDS for Shotts and Harthill lies within the North Lanarkshire Council’s administration covering an area of upland which straddles the main east-west transport routes between Glasgow and Edinburgh and shows similar characteristics to the wider LAG area.

Aims and objectives

The vision of Lanarkshire LEADER is a more sustainable rural Lanarkshire which will improve the quality of life for local communities, address problems of rural disadvantage through regeneration, as well as safeguarding and enhancing the area’s rich cultural, historic and natural heritage.

Lanarkshire LEADER aims to:

  • Develop the capacities and capabilities of our rural area.Establishing a support framework that seeks to create a strong and viable community sector capable of delivering a range of priority services, learning from each other and supporting communities to consider their own priorities at a community level

  • Provide a support framework that assists communities take on local community owned and/or managed assets

  • Improve mobility for rural residents

  • Support younger age group engagement and employment activity

  • Improve the vitality and viability of rural town centres

  • Support collaborative initiatives that aim to improve the viability of the area’s agricultural sector

  • Improve rural access and customer entry to business support

  • Support collaborative visitor initiatives and connect to strategic interventions which protect and enhance natural and cultural heritage assets in Lanarkshire

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Photo courtesy of James Denham on Flickr Creative Commons