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The Tyne Esk area takes its name from the two rivers that flow through the area The River Tyne and The River Esk. The area covered by the rivers Tyne and Esk is served by two local authorities: Midlothian Council and East Lothian Council. The rivers are similar in that they pass through relatively rural areas, small villages and more urban, built-up areas.  Part of the area is coastal and the harbour towns of Port Seton, Cockenzie, North Berwick and Dunbar in East Lothian will form part of a newly formed Fisheries Local Action Group along with harbour towns in Berwickshire and Fife.

Although the Tyne Esk area lies close to the city of Edinburgh it faces some of the issues that other more remote rural areas face: difficulties of transport and connections within the area; pockets of deprivation; low levels of local employment; issues of financial and digital exclusion.

The area to be included in the Tyne Esk LEADER programme 2014-2020 is:

•   all of Midlothian with the exception of Dalkeith but including Dalkeith Country Park

•   all of East Lothian with the exception of Musselburgh West and parts of Musselburgh East (but including the Wallyford and Whitecraig areas)

Aims and objectives

The aim of Tyne Esk LEADER is to strengthen our rural communities: economically, socially and environmentally.


  • To support our communities to be more inclusive, resilient and to flourish

  • To create/enhance conditions for business growth and business start up

  • To support the local environment, natural and built, to add value to our communities and businesses in a sustainable way.

Tyne Esk LEADER has two overarching priorities: community development and cooperation; and economic development.

In order to help them achieve these objectives they have identified three key development themes:

  • Community, cooperation and cohesion

  • Economic development, including business development and local employment

  • Enhanced environment

View Tyne Esk LEADER's Local Development Strategy

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