The future of farming in Scotland

Wednesday 16 February 2022 - 17:00



Farming is going through a change like never before, it is important for farmers and landowners to be on the front foot.

Join for a free webinar and Q&A, as a panel of experts discuss the direction of agricultural policy, natural capital and the importance of planning for a successful future.

Our speakers will:
- discuss the direction of agricultural policy, natural capital and carbon and the actions that farmers/landowners should consider to prepare for the challenges ahead and position themselves to take advantage of future opportunities.
- explore natural capital, and how the concept might link with farming in the future.
- look at the legal framework behind the carbon offset regime as well as key issues for farmers planning for the future, including how to safely incorporate natural capital's benefits.
- explore the importance of planning, forecasting and making the most of your assets to ensure that your business is able to change and adapt to new practices and remain sustainable and fit for the future.
- consider current, topical tax matters.
- discuss what actions individual businesses can take now to keep their businesses future fit and have a successful and relevant future.

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