Investing in Communities Fund Webinar

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Tuesday 30 November 2021 - 10:30

Online - Teams

The Scottish Government

The ICF is a streamlined communities fund that is delivered as part of the Empowering Communities Programme.

The fund reflects Scottish Government’s commitment to investing in communities so that they can develop the resources and resilience to decide their own aspirations, priorities and solutions in response.  The fund supports our most disadvantaged or fragile communities to tackle poverty in all its forms on their own terms. 

Interested stakeholders will be able to access a copy of the presentation slides on the ICF webpage prior to the first event so that they have the opportunity to consider any questions they may wish to ask during these sessions. 

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30th November 10:30-11:30am:,ms0is6PUD0i2pfM79-TjfA,Ds91ufWldk-n_Tl5ZJl-Mw,7BqE_PYIYU2sRT1BolBHXg,wrZp2mSiU0aDgUiXGFgAsA,mqa7RQ_wM0KZb1Zki4FSUQ?mode=read&tenantId=0ef77447-1083-4dec-b89f-27c765076840

8th December 2:00 - 3:00pm:,VMj8rVbzm0yzHJw44QDZyw,Ds91ufWldk-n_Tl5ZJl-Mw,Ez_YPkUkJE-LX3sUZWCnig,_LGBmiU89EyoxGPvzdO-2Q,xzrRBpuXVUeYu1sKuaxMrA?mode=read&tenantId=0ef77447-1083-4dec-b89f-27c765076840