Midsummer Music (evening event)

Wednesday 21 June 2017 - 19:00 to 22:00

The Scottish Crannog Centre
By Aberfeldy
Perthshire, PH15 2HY
Tel. 01887 830583

Ms Barrie Andrian

Artefact of the month - Wooden Whistle

Celebrate Midsummer listening to traditional Scottish music while sitting around a log fire in the magical and evocative atmosphere of the Crannog Roundhouse.

Blend the most unique and intimate venue with the mystical Summer Solstice and you have an event not to be missed. Fill your senses with the music; the crackling fire; the gentle sound of the water and the atmosphere and ambience of the Crannog.

Midsummer has been celebrated in many forms since Neolithic times. Traditionally, bonfires were lit and celebrations commenced at dusk and continued for 24 hours. It was believed that the bonfires would provide protection against evil spirits who roamed freely at this time. The Summer Solstice is still celebrated in many ways throughout the world but not everyone has a Crannog to celebrate it in, so please book early as places are limited.

Appropriate to our musical theme, our artefact of the month for June is a tiny wooden whistle made from dog rose. Was it used to entertain children or perhaps to call a dog? We can only guess ...

Booking essential. Details to be confirmed.

Entrance fees applicable