National Rural Mental Health Forum

National Rural Mental Health Forum - event detail
Wednesday 28 August 2024 - 11:00 to 13:00


Change Mental Health

This summer, Change Mental Health want to re-engage with their members and find new people to join. They want to know more about what their members want from the movement so they can re-energise their activity.

These events are for old and new members from anywhere in Scotland, meaning individuals in communities as well as those with a professional interest. Each event will last for 2 hours, including a 10-minute break, and will involve small group discussions.

They want to find out:

  • Your motivations for joining the movement
  • Your expectations for the movement
  • Your ideas for what the movement can do
  • The skills and strengths you have
  • The barriers you might face
  • How you want to be supported


11am - Welcome and Introductions

11:05 - Distress Brief Interevention

Ian Graham, National DBI Project lead, Kimberley Irwin – DBI Project Manager, Highland and Western Isles, Leay-Ann May Brownsword – DBI Coordinator

What is Distress Brief Intervention (DBI)?

DBI is a short supportive problem-solving contact with an individual who has presented to frontline services in distress. It is a non-clinical intervention, consisting of two interrelated parts. Level 1 sees trained front-line staff such as health, police, ambulance and primary care staff help ease the person’s distress, provide a compassionate response and where appropriate, involves an offer of a seamless referral, with confidence and clarity to a DBI Level 2 service. Level 2 is provided by commissioned and trained third sector staff who contact the person within 24-hours of referral and provide community-based problem solving support, wellness and distress management planning, supported connections and signposting.

12 noon - Farmstrong, Alix Ritchie, Director and Clare Dickson, Scotland Community Engagement Specialist

What is Farmstrong Scotland?

Farmstrong Scotland is an initiative to help farmers, crofters and their families to cope with the ups and downs of farming and crofting by sharing things they can do to look after themselves and the people in their business. It is a peer-to-peer led programme, driven by scientific information and real-life stories, so together we can share, learn and support the wellbeing of farmers and crofters across Scotland.

Research shows many farmers and crofters are great at looking after their equipment and livestock, but, like many others, they can neglect their own wellbeing. As an industry, we can’t afford to let these pressures reach the point where they damage productivity and affect the lives of families. Better wellbeing helps people perform at their best, boosts their resilience, reduces stress, prevents injuries and helps them manage the business better.

12:55pm - Any Other Competent Business and Date of Next Meeting

1pm - Close