Advice and Support for Rural Businesses from Growbiz

Blairgowrie high street credit: Mike Pennington
Hannah Downey

Rural enterprise support organisation GrowBiz has announced that it is taking a number of steps to provide immediate reassurance to small and micro-businesses across rural Scotland as uncertainty surrounding the potential impact of the Corona Virus or COVID-19 outbreak continues.

The team of experienced enterprise advisers at GrowBiz is providing phone and online support

to anyone who is self-employed, or running a small or micro-business in rural areas of Scotland.

In addition, there will be a programme of online learning sessions and networking events for the rest of March and into April, open to anyone looking for support.

GrowBiz CEO Jackie Brierton said: “The spread of the Corona Virus COVID-19 and the uncertainty of how it is going to develop here and across Scotland has led to understandable concern.

“This is a challenging time for small and micro-businesses in rural Scotland. The impact of COVID-19 is already becoming evident for many people, with fewer customers and cancelled bookings. It is having a knock-on effect on all sectors.

“GrowBiz is increasing its support for rural enterprises by offering phone or online advice sessions, and a range of online learning and networking opportunities – open to any small or micro-business in rural Scotland.

“We can help businesses think through alternative strategies and different ways to reach their markets - and provide information on funding. We can also signpost to other sources of assistance.

“Our aim is to help anyone who is self-employed or running a small or micro-business in a rural area to get through the next few months.

 “What we are offering is a human connection with one of the GrowBiz team, and a working relationship that will continue in the weeks and months to come.

“So no matter where you are, or what sector you’re in, we can organise a personal phone call or online session to help you address any challenges, or identify new opportunities, in these uncertain times.”

For further information on any of the free events held by GrowBiz, or to book a place, or to get in touch with the GrowBiz team, please see the website at, follow GrowBiz Perthshire on social media or sign up to be added to the GrowBiz mailing list by emailing