Agricultural Wages in Scotland Guide published

Sheep in field
Monika Reichelt

The Scottish Government published the Agricultural Wages in Scotland guide for workers and employers which details the minimum hourly rates of pay and other terms and conditions for agricultural workers in Scotland.

This twenty sixth edition of the Guide incorporates the new rates of pay and other changes introduced with effect from Friday, 1 April 2022.

The document contains the detailed legal requirements for the calculation of minimum pay, holidays etc.

Some of the key guidance includes:

  •  A minimum hourly rate of £9.50 for all workers.
  • A minimum hourly rate of £5.95 for workers who undertake an SCQF Level 4 or 5 or equivalent in Agriculture/Horticulture.
  • The dog allowance to be increased to £7.01 per week for each dog up to a maximum of 4.
  • The additional sum payable to workers with appropriate qualifications will increase to £1.41 per hour.
  • The daily rate of the accommodation off-set for accommodation other than a house is £8.70.
  • The minimum hourly rate of £14.25 for overtime for all workers. 

The guide is also available in Polish and Bulgarian. You can view all documents here.