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The Carnegie UK Trust are inviting applications for a project which takes a fresh approach to town twinning.

Twin Towns UK will pair towns across the UK with similar characteristics or socio-economic challenges, to consider how to make positive change happen in their communities.

The initiative will support up to ten towns to trial 'twinning' arrangements over an 18-month period.

With Carnegie UK support, twinned towns will work together to identify solutions to their common challenges, receive joint socio-economic planning support, and have access to additional small ‘catapult’ funds to start delivering entrepreneurial activity that makes change happen.

Applications are invited until 25 November 2016 from interested organisations that represent their town in some capacity, that know the challenges their town is facing and want to find solutions through collaboration.

More information of the application process can be found on the Carnegie UK website

You can also watch a short video below.