ArtRoots Funding for the National Cycle Network in Scotland

Family cycling in the countryside
Alan Robertson

Communities play a crucial role in encouraging others to walk and cycle by making places more enjoyable to travel through or to. By encouraging more people to walk and cycle, traffic congestion is reduced, public health improves and carbon emissions and air pollution is lowered.

Sustrans is a charity that aims to make it easier for people to walk and cycle and as part of that mission they are delivering the ArtRoots NCN fund, a community fund for artistic and aesthetic improvements to traffic-free paths along the National Cycle Network in Scotland. 

The fund supports local enterprise and culture, whilst also showcasing talent, intergenerational co-operation, expression, and creating a platform for youngsters to be heard through their arts.

The ArtRoots NCN fund allows communities to make creative and aesthetic improvements to the National Cycle Network, links and to Places for Everyone projects. They provide grants towards projects which will improve spaces, with the ultimate aim of encouraging active travel.

Any constituted community group in Scotland is eligible to apply to the grant however other community-based groups or organisations may be considered at the discretion of Sustrans Scotland.  A standard grant for ArtRoots NCN projects will be up to £2,500 however a higher award of £5000 may be available if applicants can demonstrate that the higher funding award would significantly impact on the outcome and achieve a greater increase in new active travel journeys.

The closing date for full applications for the current funding round will be advised upon receipt of a group's expression of interest.

You can find out more at: ArtRoots Funding for the National Cycle Network in Scotland -

Picture by David P McCarthy