Attend the 'Added value of LEADER/CLLD through evaluation’ workshop in Helsinki

James Rose

The European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development are hosting  the ‘Added value of LEADER/CLLD through evaluation’ workshop in Helsinki on 17/18 May.

The Scottish Rural Network (SRN) are offering to cover hotels/flights for up to four local LDS staff to attend the workshop. Key to this offer is that those attending the workshop would also attend the LEADER Staff Group meeting the following week in Shetland and assist in facilitating a session on Evaluation on the second day of the Shetland meeting, contributing and leading some of the discussion.

Examples of M&E including challenges relating to assessing LEADER/CLLD and examples of practical recommendations on possible evaluation approaches that can show the added value of LEADER/CLLD would be of great benefit.  SRN appreciate that it is a considerable commitment in terms of time, as both workshop and staff meeting are in such close proximity however viewed positively, the topic will be fresh in people’s minds.

All flights and hotels must be booked via the SRN Finance officer after discussions with the nominated individuals to identify their specific travel requirements.

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Should you be interested in this opportunity please contact Alan Robertson, SRN Network Manager at