Bovine Tuberculosis consultation

Monika Reichelt

The Scottish Government seek to gather views on specific proposals relating to bovine tuberculosis, including diagnostic testing, cattle movements, isolation requirements and unclean cattle.

The consultation aims to gather views on the following proposals:

  • Amend the provisions for the application of diagnostic tests, to include a requirement for the prior written permission of Scottish Ministers where non-statutory and private samples are taken with the intention of applying a diagnostic test for TB
  • End the practice of accepting a clear final short interval test (SIT) at the end of all TB breakdowns as a valid pre-movement test. Cattle to be moved out of such herds will need to have a further (bespoke) pre-movement skin test with negative results
  • Shorten the period during which a pre-movement test with negative results remains valid, from the current 60 days to 30 days after tuberculin injection - to bring domestic pre-movement testing into line with the testing of cattle intended for export and further reduce the risk of cattle contracting TB between the dates of the test and the movement
  • Reduce compensation for unclean cattle at slaughter
  • Tighten the measures relating to the isolation of reactors and inconclusive reactors (IRs)

Bovine tuberculosis (TB) is a notifiable disease of cattle, which can also affect other mammals. It continues to present a significant challenge to the farming sector across the UK.

Scotland achieved Officially Tuberculosis Free Status (OTF) in September 2009, in recognition of the relatively low and stable incidence of TB found in Scottish herds, and this pattern is consistent with sporadic introductions of disease which are eradicated through testing and removal of infected cattle.

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