Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan launches

Cairngorms National Park sign
Norette Ferns

A new plan has launched setting out how all those with responsibility for the Cairngorms National Park will coordinate their work to tackle the most important issues over the next five years.

The Cairngorms National Park Partnership Plan (2017-2022) will deliver the following long-term outcomes for the National Park:

  • Conservation - a special place for people and nature, with natural and cultural heritage enhanced
  • Visitor experience - people enjoying the park through outstanding visitor and learning experiences
  • Rural development - a sustainable economy supporting thriving business and communities

The plan aims to deliver a range of outcomes including woodland expansion, further restoration to peatland and supporting the delivery of superfast broadband to the hardest to reach corners fo the Park.

There will be more volunteering opportunities and the introduction of a 'visitor giving' scheme to help maintain the Park's visitor infrastructure and natural heritage. Working with a range of partners, there is also a target to deliver 200 new affordable houses in the Park by 2022.

Visit the Cairngorms National Park website for more information about the Partnership Plan, and watch the short video below for an introduction.