Can the Highland Self-Build Loan Fund help you?

Picture of self build home in the Highlands
Lorraine Macrae

The Scottish Government’s ‘Highland Self Build Loan Fund’ is now accepting applications

The £4 million fund, administered through The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT), is designed to help those living in the Highland area, who want to build their own home. With the opportunity to borrow up to £150,000, the two-year pilot scheme fills a gap in the lending market for those struggling to find self-build financing and helps a wide range of people seeking finance to build a primary residence.  The loan is repaid via a traditional mortgage after the build is completed. 

The Highlands area has a long history of self and custom builds and since the launch in April there have been over 500 notes of interest, Michael Chisholm of HSCHT said:  

"There is capacity to help a large amount of people. There are clearly many people out there who have been waiting for such a scheme to come along, with many already having planning permission in place and their building plots ready, but have just not been able to progress with their project due to financing.

Further information is available by emailing or calling 01463 233458.