Circular Future Fund

Circle of brass revolving at high speed
Lisa Paton

Have you got an innovative idea that would help get the most value from every stage of a product's lifecycle? Or a novel way of doing things that would design that waste out in the first place? A new fund could help make your idea a reality.

In partnership with Hubbub, the John Lewis Partnership is launching a £1 million fund to support trailblazing ideas and innovations that can accelerate the transition towards a more circular economy.  

Whether it's rethinking waste with new products or materials, finding creative ways to shift consumer mindsets or developing new business models and services, they're looking for innovators with pioneering new approaches to challenge the outdated 'take, make, dispose' model. Projects must offer a viable and truly circular solution and should be in the field of food, textiles or household products, technology or services.

Projects should have a measurable impact (now or in the future), and a clear legacy. Learnings and results from the funded projects will be openly shared to enable others to build on and amplify the impact.  

The grant fund is open to charities, Community Interest Companies, social enterprises, academic bodies and registered companies less than 5 years old. Collaboration is encouraged and partnership applications are welcome.

The fund will provide grants between £150,000 - £300,000. Projects will be supported for one year, starting in May 2022.

The application deadline is midnight on 9 January 2022. After this, submissions will be reviewed by a grant panel and successful projects will be announced in May. 

For full details and application information, visit the Circular Future Fund website.