Collective effort to tackle poverty

View of the front of Scottish Parliament building (pic credit A Robertson)
Sophie Law

Targeted action to further tackle poverty and inequality in Scotland will be the focus of discussion at a summit convened by the First Minister later this week.

The anti-poverty summit will bring people together from a variety of backgrounds – those with lived experience of poverty, the third sector, academics, campaigners, local government, business, and cross-party representatives of the Scottish Parliament.

Attendees will share expertise, experiences and ideas that can be used in a collective effort to drive progress and reduce inequality across Scotland.

The First Minister said:

“Tackling poverty and protecting people from harm is one of the Scottish Government’s three key priorities.  

“Working within our limited powers and fixed budget, the Scottish Government has already taken a range of actions that are making a real difference, with almost £3 billion allocated both last year and this year to support policies which are helping to tackle poverty and protect people as far as possible during the cost of living crisis.

“Our five family payments, including the Scottish Child Payment, could be worth more than £10,000 by the time an eligible child turns six. This compares to less than £2,000 for eligible families in England and Wales, with Scottish support providing over £20,000 by the time an eligible child is 16 years old. There is also much more to be done to reverse the impact of the UK Government’s policies of austerity and lack of concrete action on the cost of living crisis, which have contributed to rising poverty across the UK.

“While the Government's actions and ideas to tackle poverty are extremely important, I also want to hear fresh ideas about what else we could be doing together. Nothing should be off the table, and I am ready to lead an honest and frank discussion on Wednesday.

“I firmly believe that all of us across society want Scotland to be the best place to grow up and the best place to live. I am determined to harness that shared ambition so we leave no stone unturned in the drive to create a more equal and more socially just Scotland.”