Crowdfund Scotland up and running!

Hannah Downey

The LEADER co-operation project called Crowdfund Scotland is now up and running, with coaches covering nine of the participating LAG areas within Scotland. The Crowdfunder strategy opens up opportunities for people to learn how to raise the money for their projects across Scotland to assist with economic growth and development. 

Meet the team: pictured above from left to right are newly recruited coaches Mhairi McMahon, Jenny Fenwick and Emmi Koivisto.

Crowdfunder are working to ensure that people are given the tools to run their crowdfunding projects in a format which is accessible to as many people in Scotland as possible. In the coming months the first of the crowdfunding training will happen through a number of initiatives. Online coaching known as Accelerator is a program currently running on Facebook and focuses on teaching people who engage with the program how to run their crowdfunder project to get the most out of it. The program runs over a period of three weeks with multiple Accelerator programs being run throughout the year.

The Crowdfund Scotland team will also be running a number of face-to-face workshops. The first workshop, held on the 18th of January, was a fantastic success with a good turnout of people coming to attend from both the local Stirling area and also further afield in Scotland. Each workshop will also be streamed live on Youtube - interested parties can watch this first session back here: Upcoming dates and locations for workshops will be posted on the Crowdfund Scotland page at The workshops are being offered with the aim to introduce people to the concept of crowdfunding. These workshops will be covering the basics of what crowdfunding is, the benefits of crowdfunding, and how project owners can generate the most benefit from their campaign. 

Finally there will also one-to-one coaching available to those who are eligible within the LAG areas. Coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the individuals and each unique project and focus on working with the project to give the project owners the full expertise and experience of the coaches. This work is further being assisted with weekly Crowdfunder Live videos being streamed to the Crowdfunder Facebook page on Thursday evenings, where people can ask questions about crowdfunding.