Distillery to reopen

dallas dhu distillery

The Dallas Dhu distillery in Moray is set to reopen as a working distillery under the management of Aceo Distillers Company Limited.

While Historic Environment Scotland (HES) will retain guardianship of the site on behalf of Scottish Ministers, Aceo will take over the management of distillery operations.

The development expected to benefit the local community and economy. Dallas Dhu will be transformed into a unique heritage attraction, offering visitors the opportunity to experience artisanal Scotch whisky production methods, alongside its existing popularity as a visitor destination. The focus will be on showcasing the rich history of Speyside whisky and the art of traditional Scotch whisky making.

Investment will prioritise sustainable improvements to the distillery, ensuring the historic and artisanal nature of the distilling process remains central to the experience as Dallas Dhu is brought back to life.

Dallas Dhu, built by entrepreneur Alexander Edward, has a long and distinguished history. Originally constructed to meet the growing demand for Scotland’s national drink, the distillery produced malt whisky for the popular Roderick Dhu blend for nearly a century. Production ceased in 1983, and the distillery was handed into state care a few years later.

The traditional distilling equipment remains exactly as it was when the doors closed for the final time.

Deputy First Minister Kate Forbes said:

“This collaboration between Historic Environment Scotland and Aceo marks the start of a new chapter for the celebrated Dallas Dhu Distillery site.

“The re-introduction of whisky production and expansion of the visitor experience will breathe new life into a historically significant distillery, showing how Scotland’s treasured heritage assets can be preserved and revitalised at the same time, so that sites like Dallas Dhu continue to evolve and flourish.

“It’s fantastic news for the local community in Forres, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact this collaboration will bring.”

Edward Odim, Aceo managing director, said:

“The Aceo Team are thrilled to be reopening the historic Dallas Dhu Distillery. Our vision is to make Dallas Dhu one of the leading, must-see whisky distilleries in Scotland, giving visitors a unique, close-up experience of whisky making.

“The aim is to breathe life back into the distillery by first getting the original equipment working and traditional whisky distilling going once again. This revived, long-lost spirit will be matured in Dallas Dhu’s well-preserved Victorian dunnage warehouses.”

Mr Odim continued:

“Longer-term, the plan is for a state-of-the-art visitor centre with exhibition and museum space, and a café/restaurant, to be enjoyed by visitors and the local community. There will be a cooperage displaying the art of the cooper, a working malting floor and an interactive virtual reality whisky experience, that delves into the science behind Scotland’s famous spirit.

“But, as well as show how whisky is made, we intend to tell the social and economic story – past and present – of whisky production in Speyside, Scotland’s largest whisky producing region.

“So, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get going on reviving this jewel in the crown of Scotland’s whisky distilleries.”

Stephen Duncan, director of marketing & engagement at HES, said:

“Dallas Dhu offers a unique opportunity to showcase traditional distilling techniques as a living history attraction.

“This reopening marks a new chapter for the distillery, and we are confident it will attract visitors, while also bringing benefits to the local community and economy.”