EIP-AGRI seeks Coordinating Experts

Norette Ferns

The EIP-AGRI Service Point is looking for coordinating experts for a number of workshops, seminars and Focus Groups on a range of topics.

The agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI) works to foster competitive and sustainable farming and forestry that 'achieves more and better from less'. 

Coordinating experts contracted by the EIP-AGRI Service Point will be required to draft documents in English on their topics of expertise. The text should be easy to read and clear for non-expert professionals. They should also be able to effectively communicate and interact in English. They will work with experts from different backgrounds, and contribute to designing interactive meetings.

In particular, topics covered in 2018 include:

  • Resource management:
    • Water quality
  • Farm resilience:
    • Non-chemical weed management
    • Technologies for protection from frost damage
    • Antimicrobial resistance, especially in poultry farming and considering animal welfare
  • Circular economy
    • Diversification: new business models on the farm
    • New feed for livestock
    • On-farm practices to limit food waste
  • Capacity building:
    • Upscaling Operational Group results and learning from EIP-AGRI implementation
  • Digitisation
    • Multi-level digital strategies for agriculture and rural areas
    • The role of agricultural knowledge and innovation systems in making digital agriculture/forestry accessible

Visit the EIP-AGRI website for more information.

Closing date: 22 January 2018, 23:59 hrs Brussels time