European Rural Parliament to call for fair deal

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Norette Ferns

The second European Rural Parliament takes place in Austria from 4 to 6 November.

Around 250 people from 40 nations will gather in Schärding, Austria to demand a fair deal for rural communities throughout Europe.

Organisers are encouraging people across Europe get involved with the Parliament by watching a live stream from some of the sessions, as well as commenting via social media during the event.

The three-day Parliament is the climax of a year-long campaign to find out what rural people in Europe think about their living conditions. The campaign was launched by the European Rural Community Alliance, PREPARE Partnership for Rural Europe and European LEADER Association for Rural Development.

Advance papers for the Rural Parliament record:

  • The high concern of people in many rural region about the narrowness of rural economies, the lack of good jobs, loss of population as young people move away, decline in rural services, the suffering of older people, poverty and social exclusion among disadvantaged people and ethnic minorities

  • The right of rural communities to a quality of life and standard of living equal to that of urban populations, and to full participation in political processes

  • A vision for the future of vibrant, inclusive and sustainable rural communities, supported by diversified rural economies and by effective stewardship of landscapes and cultural heritage

The Rural Parliament will call for a new, innovative partnership between rural people and governments, to enable young people to find a good life in the countryside, to tackle poverty and exclusion, and to build a positive future for millions of small and family farms and rural enterprises.  

Participants will debate the main themes arising from the campaign, and will adopt a European Rural Manifesto setting out an ambitious agenda of policy and action to be pursued over the next few years. 

During the Parliament, you will be able to watch a live stream from the event (links below), as well as get updates on the European Rural Parliament website, on the European Rural Parliament Facebook page and on Twitter by following @EuRuralParl.

Organisers are encouraging people to get involved in the Parliament by sending comments and tweets via their Facebook page and using the hashtag #EuRuralParl.    

Live streaming

5 November 8.00-10.00 GMT

European Rural Parliament (ERP) 2015 Opening Session [1]

6 November 8.00-11.30

ERP Plenary Session #1 [2]

6 November 13.00-16.00

ERP Plenary Session #2 [3]