Finland holds first snow rowing competition

snow rower on snow
Scottish Rural Network

The world's first competition of Snow Rowing has been held in Savo, Finland.

Snow rowing is based on a new regional invention, the snow rowing machine. The machine combines traditional rowing boat oars and skis mounted on a device on which you can sit on while rowing across snow or ice. The machine is being further developed with the aid of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The inventor of the snow rowing machine is Onni Nissinen who comes from Vieremä in Savo. The people of Savo are known for being creative and competitive – and the world’s first snow rowing competition was held in February 2018 in Vieremä.

In a video about snow rowing, Jussi Vatanen, one of the most well-known actors in Finland, demonstrates how to row across snowy field in Savo, in eastern Finland.