Forestry Scotland launch spatial data hub

Norette Ferns

Scottish Forestry has launched a new spatial data hub providing access to information helpful to foresters, land managers, developers, teachers, students, researchers and others. 

The Open Data hub offers 70 geospatial data sets and is downloadable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The data covers areas such as administrative boundaries, Forestry Grant Scheme options and claims, Forestry Grant Scheme target and eligibility areas, plans and felling, and a range of surveys and inventories.

The spatial data hub has been developed as part of Scottish Forestry's Improvement Programme

David Signorini, Scottish Forestry Chief Executive said;

"This is one of Scottish Forestry’s first big milestones in our Improvement Programme. Our team has put in a sterling effort to bring this project to life and I think everyone who needs to access this information will find the new website a great help.

"The principles of open information have been behind the design at every step of the way so the portal is easy to find, read and use. As well as making life simpler for land managers, these qualities make it attractive for non-professionals, too, with links to Scottish Forestry’s Map Viewer and Scotland’s Environment Land Information Search helping to paint a comprehensive picture of  Scotland’s landscape."

Visit the Scottish Forestry Open Data hub