Guidance for importing of bees into Scotland.

Bee landing of thistle flower
G Aitchison

Today saw the publication by Scottish Government of guidance that has been produced to provide informal, non-statutory guidance which aims to clarify the requirements that apply to imports of bees into Scotland from certain parts of the British Isles, from the EU and the rest of the world.

It does not provide comprehensive coverage of all conditions laid down in legislation and has no legal force. Similar legislation is in place in England and Wales. Different arrangements are in place for Northern Ireland in accordance with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This guidance will be updated as further negotiations and legislative changes are implemented in relation to domestic legislation and our relationship with the EU or changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol become available.

Areas covered within the guidance include: 

  • Import controls
  • Legislation
  • Importing bees
  • Border Control Posts
  • Post-import Controls

To see the guidance in full click the link: Importing bees into Scotland: guidance - (