Help set the standard

Man feeding chickens on croft
Lisa Paton

Lantra is seeking volunteers to help to review National Occupational Standards (NOS).

National Occupational Standards help people to gain the right skills and knowledge to work in specific industries, so have to be reviewed regularly to make sure they stay relevant.

To do this, Lantra is looking for volunteers who work in these industries to share their expertise by reviewing and commenting on existing standards and helping to develop new ones.  This can be through virtual or face-to-face meetings, email, phone, and social media.

Review and development will take place over the Summer with a wider consultation in Autumn followed by final industry sign-off. The revised NOS will then be submitted for approval and will be available for use early next year.

NOS to be reviewed are:

•    Bonded Warehousing

•    Crofters and Smallholders

•    Driving Goods

•    Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management

•    Land-based Engineering Operations

•    Logistics Operations

•    Mail Services

•    Supply Chain Management

•    Traffic Office

•    Warehousing and Storage

If you would like to help national standards stay relevant by sharing your expertise, please email