Hundreds of pupils to take part in potato project

teachers collecting Mr Jazzy seed potatoes
Norette Ferns

Over 900 pupils are taking part a project which encourages classes to grow and harvest their own potatoes from scratch.

The Mr Jazzy Potato Project is organised by the Perth & Kinross Initiative of the Royal Highland Educational Trust (RHET) and sponsored by WCF Horticulture, a leading packer and supply chain manager to the horticultural sector, specialising in seed potatoes.

The project launched recently, with teachers attending a briefing session and collecting their Jazzy seed potatoes, Haddo grow bag and compost - donated by WCF. The classes will now spend four months caring for the potatoes culminating in a visit from a RHET volunteer who will assist with the harvesting, counting and weighing of the potatoes.

Miriam Doe, Seed Manager of WCF Horticulture, said:

"Jazzy is a premium salad variety which is making a big impact on the UK Potato Scene. Jazzy is already a fun brand which really engaged the children last year and they particularly enjoyed the prolific nature of the variety. The Mr Jazzy Potato Project is fun and educational covering a range of learning outcomes. Pupils are very much hands-on and enjoy learning how to grow potatoes and how they fit into a healthy balanced diet."

In addition, schools are visited by RHET’s own ‘Potato Professor’ Mr John Marshall who talks pupils through how we eat potatoes, how they grow, how they are farmed, the different varieties and the health benefits of the mighty spud.

Alix Ritchie, Project Coordinator at The Royal Highland Educational Trust Perth & Kinross said:

“We have had great support from the teachers who are all very enthusiastic about the project.”

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