Integrating trees on your land: New Demonstrator farm Network

Hannah Downey

Scottish Government and Scottish Forestry are establishing a new demonstrator network of farms, crofts and estates across Scotland, to raise awareness of the multiple benefits that planting trees can bring to an agricultural business. These include but are not limited to: providing shelter for livestock; habitat for wildlife; reducing carbon footprint; providing future income from timber; and prevention of flooding. The aim is to encourage more trees to be planted on Scottish farmland, in the right place, for the right reason and to give guidance on how this can be practically achieved. 

This will be a farmer lead demo network bringing together land managers with speakers who are experts in their field. Key to its success will be finding hosts who are happy to be involved and to share their experiences and discuss with others the  objectives; challenges; process; benefits; and finances of their tree planting project.

The project aims to have its first virtual event in early 2021 and run till 2023. The network will be hosted digitally with online events and forum discussions at present, and will move to hosting on-site demonstration events once Covid levels permit these to take place safely. 


Integrating trees on your land:  New Demonstrator Farm Network

Scottish Government and Scottish Forestry are seeking demonstrator host farms, crofts and estates of any size for a new network to promote the multiple benefits of trees on farmland.  To become a host demonstrator it would be beneficial if you:

  • Have planted trees on your land or are in the planning stages of doing so
  • Can commit to participating in 2-4 events across a year (online for now, maximum duration 90  minutes)
  • Work with them to create a short film about your agricultural business 
  • Are happy to give a short presentation and answer questions about trees in the context of your business, sharing your successes and challenges
  • Are happy to host an on-farm event (organised by them, once Covid restrictions cease)

If you are interested in being a host for the new network or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact Sara Thorpe (Agricultural Transformation for Environment and Climate Change team) or Lyn White (Forestry and Farming Development Officer)