LEADER Inspired Network Community (LINC) Conference 2016

Attendees waiting for the parade to pass
Lynn Haughton

The Scottish Rural Network supported seven LEADER representatives from Scotland to attend the LINC Conference from the 27 to 29 September 2016 in Dabas, Hungary.

The theme of the event was "pARTicipation" and the promotion of transnational cooperation.  The event brought together Local Action Groups (LAGs) from across Europe to share knowledge and experiences.

Scotland’s LEADER representatives Andrew MacDonald, Calum Couston, Colin Gilmour, Frances Gunn, Helen Lawrenson, Mike Strachan and Yvonne Stoddart all attended the event and have reported back on their experience.

Attendees made new contacts and valuable connections with fellow Scotland-based LAGs along with representatives from across Europe.  Following the event, Tyne Esk LEADER representative is in now working with a group in Latvia to learn more about the Entrepreneurial Support Initiative which could in turn be shared with others and adopted more widely once it has been developed and piloted.  

Through networking opportunities, attendees obtained new contacts and ideas for future collaboration projects.  Knowledge and lessons learned were also shared from completed projects and projects in progress.

Further information on the conference can be found on the LINC website.