Making Christmas more sustainable – One hoof at a time

Hamish the 10th Reindeer
Katharine Johnston

In just under 40 days, Santa’s special reindeer will be departing on their annual adventure round the world helping Santa deliver presents! We know Santa likes a tasty treat or two on Christmas eve to keep him going but what about the reindeer? The answer is Reindeer Dust!

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) have been working to create a super powered, super sustainable reindeer dust and now they need Scottish Schools to test the recipe and help make enough dust to fuel the reindeer on their journey. The reindeer dust is not only energy boosting, but also environmentally friendly unlike many other reindeer dust that include glitter and plastic, finally this magical recipe contains an ingenious way to get those special wishes to Santa himself.

If your school wants to get involved, use this link to find out more - 

All school’s that sign up for the ‘Dustalong’ will be entered into a competition to meet Hamish the 10th Reindeer, a Christmas loving Shetland pony that dreams of helping Santa.  The winner will be announced at the live online “Dustalong” on Thursday 1st December 2022.