A new deal for tenants

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Lisa Paton

The Scottish Government is inviting comments on a draft strategy which seeks to improve accessibility, affordability choices and standards across the whole rented sector in Scotland.  

The consultation on "A New Deal for Tenants - Draft Rented Sector Strategy" sets out and invites views on how to deliver a new deal for tenants to progress the right to an adequate home and deliver the vision for Housing to 2040. It aims to ensure all tenants, whether living in private or social rented homes, can access secure, stable, tenancies, with affordable choices - whilst also benefiting from good quality of homes and professional levels of service and rights.

The views of tenants and landlords are particularly sought. 

It is recognised that not all consultees will wish or feel able to answer all of the questions. Consultees are encouraged to answer questions where they feel it appropriate to do so.

Key questions include:

Q. 38. What do you believe are the key housing issues facing people with: Agricultural/ Crofting/ Tied Worker Tenancies?

Q. 39. What can we do to improve the outcomes for those people with a tied house for their employment who are approaching retirement and may face losing their home?

You can read the consultation paper here. To give your views, take part in the consultation before the 15 April. Comments on the draft strategy will inform the development of the final version of the Strategy which the Scottish Government aims to publish by the end of 2022.

Should you have any questions please email: rentedstrategyconsultation@gov.scot