Report highlights needs of European young farmers

young farmer with spring onions
Norette Ferns

A pilot project on exchange programmes for young farmers across Europe has published its report.

The report from the 'Exchange programmes for young farmers' project highlights the needs of young farmers, provided an overview of exchange schemes for young farmers and a guide for successful exchange schemes.

The project was carried out by Ecorys in the Netherlands and included interviews with more than 2,200 farmers under 40 across the European Union.

The analysis of survey responses shows that young farmers have different expectations and needs, depending on the region in which they live, the agricultural sector in which they work (intensive, extensive), their level of education, their relation to the farm (owner of the farm or not) and so on. 

Around 61% consider the availability of land for purchase and 57% the availability of land for rent as amongst the most difficult challenges they face.

Download the report from the European Commission website.

In addition to the EU level report, a series of country reports and national factsheets are available.

If you are interested in joining a ‘Community of Practice’ on Young Farmers, supported by the European Network for Rural Development, contact