Results of the draft Rented Sector Strategy consultation published

Clothes line on Croft in the Western Isles of Scotland
Alan Robertson

On 20 December 2021, the Scottish Government invited comments to a ‘New Deal for Tenants - draft rented sector strategy: consultation’, which seeks to improve accessibility, affordability choices and standards across the whole rented sector in Scotland. This is of particular relevance to  Agricultural, Crofting and Tied Worker Tenancies.

The consultation closed on 22 April 2022 and in total 8,346 responses were received. Organisations accounted for 172 responses, with 756 responses from individual members of the public. In addition, 7,508 respondents made a campaign-type submission. There were a variety of views in response to the proposals with opinions generally split between the views of respondents identifying as or representing the interests of a private landlord or letting agent and those identifying as or with the interests of a tenant. Views were particularly varied between these groups in relation to proposals related to restricting winter evictions, rent controls and the rights of a tenant to keep pets or personalise their homes.

The Scottish Government commissioned Craigforth to undertake an independent analysis of responses. The analysis report presents the findings from the public consultation and explains the methodology that was used to analyse responses. Where permission to publish has been provided, the consultation responses are now available to view online. The Scottish Government will consider the responses, together with the analysis report carefully and undertake further discussions with key stakeholders to inform and shape the final rented sector strategy and legislation required to implement changes.

You can view the original consultation at - A New Deal for Tenants - draft rented sector strategy: consultation