Scotland's Climate Week kicks off

Scotland's Climate Week graphic
Norette Ferns

Scotland’s Climate Week is 7th-13th October. We'll be taking part by highlighting some of the work that's being done in rural Scotland to help tackle climate change.

Scotland's Climate Week provides organisations with the opportunity to celebrate and showcase what they’re doing already to tackle the climate emergency and to step up and start doing more to save our world.

The Scottish Government has set targets for  the country to become net zero by 2045 to minimise the impact of the climate emergency  on our society and the environment. Net zero is when the emissions of greenhouse gases are balanced by removals of those gases (such as carbon being absorbed by forests).

 New policies the Scottish Government is introducing  to end Scotland’s contribution to climate change include:

  • investing over £500 million in Scotland’s  bus networks
  • reducing emissions from Scotland’s railways  to zero by 2035
  • making sure all new homes use only renewable  or low carbon heat by 2024
  • planting 12,000 hectares of new trees this year alone
  • making the Highlands and Islands the world’s first  net zero emissions aviation region by 2040
  • introducing a Green New Deal to attract financial investment into renewables, waste and construction
  • creating a Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan  to make sure we have the right skills to successfully fight climate change

Achieving net zero is not just about Government action. It’s about everybody in Scotland -- businesses and households playing their part to move away from a ‘throwaway culture’ in order to make  a difference.

Visit the website to find out more about Scotland's Climate Week and how you can make a difference. And follow the hashtag #scotclimateweek.