Scottish examples of rural bioeconomy initiatives sought

James Rose

Are you involved in an innovative project that is linked to the use of renewable resources from agriculture or forestry, or related waste streams, and that will provide income, jobs and opportunities to a rural area while ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources? If so, please share your experience with the European Network for Rural Development through this on-line questionnaire before 31 January 2019. 

They are looking for examples of small- and medium-size businesses in rural areas, social enterprises, or any public or private initiatives that contribute to the development of rural bioeconomy value chains and clusters. It might be a good idea to read all the questions provided in this pdf document before starting to fill in the on-line version, to be sure you have the answers at hand.

If you have any doubt whether your project fits into the scope of the survey, please ask at

Collected cases will contribute to an inventory of European initiatives on rural bioeconomy through which you and any other interested stakeholders can learn about concrete experiences and tested approaches. The results will be published through the ENRD Rural Bioeconomy portal, ENRD publications, and they will also provide material for the analysis of lessons learnt on promoting rural bioeconomy value chains that will be published in 2019.