SCVO Community, Capacity and Resilience Fund

Scottish Community
Katharine Johnston

The SCVO Community, Capacity and Resilience Fund is open for applications.

The fund is provided by Scottish Government and managed by SCVO. The main objective of the fund is to provide up to 2 years funding to community-based voluntary organisations enabling them to:

• Pilot small innovative and creative projects, increasing capacity to deliver core services tackling poverty and social inequality.

• Use the funding to scale up pilot projects to attract more risk-averse grant funding to sustain the work going forward.

• Encouraging applications for up to £8,000 per annum for 2 years.

This fund is for community-based organisations with an income of less than £200,000 in their last financial year. Organisations must be based in Scotland and delivering services in Scotland. Types of organisations that can apply include:  

  • Charities 
  • Voluntary Organisations 
  • Social Enterprises 
  • Community Organisations 
  • Volunteering Bodies 
  • Credit Unions 
  • Housing Associations 
  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) – if there is an asset lock in place 
  • Charitable Trusts (if set up by a Local Authority the trust must be fully independent from it) 
  • Community Enterprise Trusts 

Your organisation must be part of a regulated body eg, registered with OSCR. Where this is not the case you must be able to provide us with a reference from a regulated organisation that knows you well but is independent of you, for instance a partner you work with in the community. 

The deadline for applications is 26th August 2022. Apply by visiting the SCVO Grantmaking portal.