Showcasing Uist's social enterprises

Photo of people overlooking beach with cartoons of houses, windfarm, animals and people
Lisa Paton

A new digital brochure celebrates the benefits and work of award-winning social and community enterprises on Uist.

In January 2021, Social Enterprise Scotland (SES) announced the results of its first Social Enterprise Places Programme. Social Enterprise Places are local areas where social enterprise activity is thriving, from neighbourhoods, to villages, towns, islands and both urban and rural communities. SES has been encouraging local areas to recognise themselves as Social Enterprise Places committed to developing and investing in their local areas. Supported by the Scottish Government and the Royal Bank of Scotland, the initiative aims to promote, raise awareness, and build markets for social enterprises at a local and national level. In Scotland this is also a way to recognise innovative rural areas and contribute towards the regeneration of our high streets and communities. 

Uist, with a 40+ year history of social and community enterprises, was one award-winner the judging panel felt had much to shout about.

The stats are certainly impressive: one social and community enterprise for every 100 people, and more than one community organisation (whether enterprise or not) for every 45 people on the islands. The 50+ social and community enterprises range from internationally recognised centres of excellence to small community halls that provide essential local facilities.

But it’s not just the numbers that impress: the case studies highlight the impact and role of a range of diverse enterprises on the island and its people. It is inspiring reading of resilient, resourceful and dynamic communities and a great example of just how much people can achieve together. The document highlights their amazing history, and key priorities for the future.

So, take some time out to be inspired – you can access the document here.