Step up to the biggest short walk of the year

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Paths for All

The Big Fit Walk takes place takes place annually in June and aims to inspire communities across Scotland to come together for a short walk to celebrate the benefits of being active.

It’s great fun and an excellent way to bring your staff, volunteers and local community together for a short sociable walk.

Paths for All provide Health Walk groups, community groups, workplaces, schools and others with free resources to organise a 30 minute local led walk during June.

Why get involved?

  • It’s great fun
  • You can share your love of walking with others and inspire them to walk more often
  • Introduce people to local walking routes and paths they might not know about
  • Connect with people in your group or network
  • Recruit new volunteers

Spread the word

Help us to get more people more active by holding a 30 minute Big Fit Walk in June 2016. Just choose a date and a route and invite people to come along. Everyone is welcome: children, parents, carers, teachers, grandparents, neighbours, friends, colleagues . . . everyone! You could organise refreshments for the end of your walk.

We’ll give you lots of ideas to help you have a successful day.

Who can hold a Big Fit Walk?

Anyone! Our Organiser’s Toolkit includes a guidance booklet on how to run your Big Fit Walk, posters and invite cards to advertise your walk and stickers to reward participants.

Sign up here for your free organisers pack from Paths for All.