Is technology best way to improve farming?

Farmer with technology surrounding them
Norette Ferns

Farmers across Europe are being asked to take part in an online survey about Precision Agriculture Technologies.

Precision Agriculture Technologies include the use of information technology, satellite positioning data, remote sensing and proximal data collection. The technologies can optimise production efficiency, improve working conditions, increase farmers’ income, and reduce unintended impacts on the environment. 

A partnership, including the European Commission, has launched a survey to get a better view on the use of Precision Agriculture Technologies in European agriculture. They want to learn more about European farmers' awareness and experiences on Precision Agriculture Technologies, and both users and non-users of these technologies are welcome to complete the survey.

The survey has been launched by a partnership including the European Commission (DG AGRI), European farmers’ association Copa-Cogeca, European agricultural machinery association CEMA, the Joint Research Centre of the EC, Eurostat and the European Environment Agency.

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