View National Park paths on Google Maps

Screenshot from Google Maps Inchcailloch
Norette Ferns

You can now view five paths within Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park on Google Maps.

Some of the most popular paths in the National Park have been filmed by staff and volunteers using equipment from Google so that members of the public can see the terrain before visiting.

The paths which feature on the site are:

Simon Jones, Director of Conservation and Visitor Operations at Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park said:

"Having these paths available to view on Google Maps will allow millions of people across the world to experience the amazing landscapes and scenery the Park has to offer. Filming in spring time meant the team were able to capture footage of the paths in the best of the Scottish weather including the stunning bluebells at Inchcailloch."

The project was part of the Google Street View Camera Loan program which allows organisations to borrow Street View Trekker backpacks at no cost. Over a two-week period the team worked together to capture a 360 degree experience of a selection of paths within the National Park.

Vlad Turculet with the Google maps equipment

The Communications team at Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park coordinated the project with the support of colleagues from the Park’s Access team.  Digital Communications Intern, Vlad Turculet who was part of the group who filmed the paths said:

"The equipment we used was quite complex so the team took part in training before going out to film. This involved watching videos and taking quizzes to make sure we knew how to work everything. The backpack was also quite heavy, weighing around 20kg but we worked in pairs whilst filming, taking turns to carry the camera. It was really exciting and fun to be involved in this project and it’s great to finally see the footage on Google Maps."

The National Park Authority plan to borrow the equipment again in the future to film more paths and showcase the incredible natural beauty of the Park and everything it has to offer.

To view the footage filmed visit Google Maps and enter the path name in the search bar.