WAT IF? award first driving lesson grant

Learner driver Rebecca Black outside learner car
Norette Ferns

The Woolfords, Auchengray and Tarbrax Improvement Foundation (WAT IF?) has awarded its first driving lesson grant.

Residents in the area can apply for a grant of up to £250 from the development trust to help cover the costs of learning to drive.

The first grant has recently been awarded to 18-year-old Rebecca Black. She said:

"The driving lesson grant from WAT IF? has meant I can start my driving lessons right away. The application is super easy and Jemma, the Development Officer, was so helpful when I had questions about the grant. Staying out in the WAT IF? area I rely heavily on my parents for transport, whereas having my driving license means I’ll be able to travel to work, the train station to go to college and also meet friends whenever suits me, rather than when I’m able to get a lift."

The Driving Lesson Grant is one of several funds which have been recently developed by the Trust, including the WAT Next? Education Grants and Healthcare Access Fund. These run alongside the existing Community and Events grants which many local groups have already benefitted from.

Jemma Black, Development Officer for WAT IF? explains the importance of the grant schemes:

"As well as developing projects which impact our communities, we are keen to provide direct support where it is really needed. Driving is something that many people take for granted, but when you live in a rural area even getting to college or work can be difficult. We are thrilled to award the first Driving Lesson Grant to Rebecca, and wish her all the best in her lessons."

For more information visit the WAT IF? website.

More news from WAT IF?

Volunteers of the Forth Community First Responder Scheme have received a second First Responders Kit through funding secured by WAT IF? The local development trust and secured funding for the kit from the South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Fund. This essential equipment will mean that there are two kits available for the volunteers to use, increasing the efficiency of how they operate. 

Chris Walker, the Director of Muirhall, one of the windfarms which contributes to the Renewable Energy Fund, was pleased that the fund could support a worthy cause:

"In our rural communities, the First Responders play such a key role within the emergency services and all credit should be given to the volunteers.  It is fantastic that the community benefit funds can be used to support them and provide the equipment that they need."

For further information on the role of Community First Responders visit the Scottish Ambulance Service website.