Pub is The Hub - Scottish Borders launch

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Wednesday 20 January 2016 - 10:00 to 13:00

The Lodge Carfraemill, Lauder, Berwickshire

Pub is The Hub

Pub owners and operators, suppliers and local authority representatives in the Scottish Borders are being invited to attend the launch event on 20 January 2016 at The Lodge Carfraemill in Lauder, Berwickshire.

Pub is The Hub has announced the launch of its rural services initiative in the Scottish Borders at the start of 2016 in partnership with Scottish Borders Council. It is also supported by the Scottish Government, the Prince’s Countryside Fund and Diageo.

The Pub is The Hub team will be there to showcase advice, support and funding opportunities for pub operators and owners who are considering a diversification scheme to improve and support rural services.  Examples of such schemes include siting post offices, shops, libraries, internet cafes, allotment schemes, school dinners, cash point machines, IT training and community cinemas in pubs.

Pub owners and operators will be able to apply for grants of up to £4,000 towards diversification schemes to improve local services.

Anyone interested in attending the launch event on 20  January 2016 can call the office on 01 423 546165 or email

A buffet lunch will be provided