Rush Control Roadshow 2019

Rushes in a grassy field
Tuesday 5 March 2019 - 10:00 to Friday 8 March 2019 - 13:00

Multiple Venues

Soil Association Scotland

Soil Association Scotland is inviting farmers to three free on-farm events with Five Agri consultant Ian Cairns, designed to help you make a plan for tackling rushes over the year ahead.

Controlling rushes in conjunction with livestock grazing and good soil management to encourage grass can reduce the need to buy in feed, fertilisers and herbicides, says Cairns.

“The best way to manage rushes,” he says, “is to encourage the best soil conditions in favour of grass. If grass is strong and vigorous, rushes struggle to compete.

“For example, rushes can tolerate low soil fertility and high acidity but grass can’t. You need a neutral soil ph, good soil fertility and good drainage.

“These three half-day events look at the technical challenges posed by rushes and suggest solutions. We want farmers to see the different techniques and go away with an action plan for their farm.”

All three events will look at how rushes grow in order to best tackle them, how to combine rush control with livestock grazing, how cutting can be more effective than herbicides and how retaining rush in certain places can benefit farm wildlife. Then each will have an extra focus, as detailed below.

How to tackle rushes on your farm, 10am-1pm, including lunch

Tuesday March 5, Threepwood Farm, Galashiels: additional focus on wading birds

Thursday March 7, Croick Estate, Ardgay: additional focus on deer management and fisheries

Friday March 8, Fearann Eilean Iarmain, Skye: additional focus on AECS, corncrakes and waders

Free to farmers and land managers. Booking is required. Book online, call Jane on 0131 666 2474 or email.